TRUEtest Glucose Control Solution

TRUEtest Glucose Control Solution Level 0, Level 1 & Level 2 is used to test the accuracy and reliability of the the TRUEtest Blood Glucose Test Strips. The control solution contains a known amount of glucose. If the control solution result is within an acceptable range you will know that the TRUEresult blood glucose monitoring system is working properly & is ready for you to start testing.

Remember: It is important to perform control tests with more than one level of TRUEtest glucose control solution when checking for the accuracy of your test results.

TRUEtest Control Solution

Intended Use

The TRUEtest Glucose Control Solution is a red liquid containing a known amount of glucose. Use this control solution with TRUEresult & TRUE2go blood glucose monitoring systems & TRUEtest Test Strips.

When to use TRUEtest Control Solution

  1. Use TRUEtest Control Solution instead of blood to make sure your meter system is working properly. If the test result displayed in the meter falls within range of control values given on TRUEtest Test Strip vial label, then the testing technique & meter system performance are acceptable.
  2. To practice testing your meter without giving a blood sample.

Performing a TRUEtest Control Solution Test

  1. Allow TRUEtest test strips, TRUEresult meter & TRUEtest Control Solution to sit at room temperature (59° - 86°F or 15° - 30°C).
  2. Note: Running a TRUEtest Control Solution test at temperatures outside the range listed above may cause the control solution to read as blood.

  3. Check expiration dates on Control bottle & Test Strip vial label.
  4. Match the Control level with Control range printed on Test Strip vial label.
  5. Gently invert Control bottle a few times. DO NOT SHAKE.
  6. Remove test strip from vial & recap immediately. Insert a TRUEtest test strip into the TRUEresult meter to turn the meter on.
  7. Turn control solution bottle upside down. Squeeze one drop of TRUEtest Control onto a clean tissue. Wipe off bottle tip.
  8. Gently squeeze another drop of control solution onto a small piece of unused aluminum foil or clear plastic wrap. With a test strip in the meter, touch sample tip of test strip to drop of control solution. Allow the drop to be drawn into the test strip. Remove test strip from drop when meter begins testing.
  9. When the TRUEresult meter displays results, compare result with control range printed on the TRUEtest Test Strip vial label.
  10. Press the strip release button on the TRUEresult meter to remove the test strip from meter & discard.

Storage & Handling

TRUEtest Control Solution must be stored upright, tightly sealed & at room temperature (36° - 86°F or 2° - 30°C). DO NOT refrigerate or freeze.

TRUEtest Control Solution Contents

  • Volume: 3 mL (3 mililiters).
  • Chemical Composition: Water, d-glucose, buffers, viscosity enhancing agents, salts, dyes & preservatives.


  • For in vitro use only.
  • Discard after expiration date or 3 months after written opened date.
  • DO NOT drink.
  • DO NOT use control ranges on test strip vial label as your recommended blood glucose ranges.
  • DO NOT use TRUEtest test strips or the TRUEresult meter for blood glucose testing if TRUEtest Control Solution results are not within Control range.
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